Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surname Saturday- Menge

The Menge family of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Anton Menge came to America in the 1820's from Prussia. He later settled in Plaquemines Parish and married Catherine Conrad and had six children. They owned an orange farm in the parish. Anton was a coppersmith and later became known for his invention of the Menge Elevated Dredge. This invention was instrumental to canal dredging and is still in use today. After the Civil War he built a fire engine for the city of New Orleans and was also a fireman.

  • Joseph Menge born August 8, 1846
  • William Menge born 1848
  • Alma Menge born 1850
  • Antoinette "Nettie" Menge born 1852
  • John Menge born September 10, 1858
  • Anton C. Menge born 1861

 The family was a very well known prominent one, who spread out from Louisiana to Florida. The old papers are full of stories of there deeds and contributions to the times.

Joseph Menge improved upon his father's pump and opened the Menge Patent Pumps which is still in operation today as makers of irrigation and draining pumps. He also invented a machine used to separate chaff from rice, the lamp stove, a dredging bucket and the rotary pump.

There is a patent from Anton C. Menge for an insect destroying device, as well as a water filter.

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