Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Finds- Aunt Rita

 I rarely check family trees but for some reason I did a search on a few specific people I had been having trouble finding more information on. I was surprised to see my grandfather's Aunt Rita listed in someone's tree. I contacted the lady and she replied that she herself did not know much, but her aunt did and she would ask her and let me know. The reply I received was worth more than gold to me.This gives me a glimpse into the life of Aunt Rita and that means the world to me.

"Rita was really sweet and loved the slot machines at the corner grocery in Bay St. Louis on Washington. And she loved my sister Dolores Gerhardt. My sister would spend time with Rita and Joe and go fishing. And he would sell fish by the bunch. He was a caretaker for Higgins, a beautiful home on the beach. Higgins owned the Higgins factory in New Orleans where they made the PT boats for WWII. They lived together a long time before they got married. They got married in the 40's in a Catholic church (Our Lady of the Gulf) and never had any children. They both are buried in Cedar Rest Cemetery. That picture was taken in the back of the Higgins home. Rita cooked by a wooden stove and never had electricity or water in the house.
She didn't work outside the home. Uncle Joe and Aunt Rita had a 3 room house, a kitchen and 2 bedrooms. I called her Aunt Reetah."

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