Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sentimental Sunday-A Child's Memories of WWII

A Child's Memories of WWII

My Uncle Kenneth always tells the best stories about the old times. He said to me today, I know I've told you this before but I am going to tell it again, just so you won't forget. 

"I remember Pearl Harbor, well, not the actual bombing because they kept things like that from the kids, but I remember the day. It was so cold, and Mama had gotten up to light the pilot on the furnace. She made the light real low because well, you know  it was still the depression really, and we couldn't afford to put it too high. Well, the thing went right out. So, Daddy he went out and looked at it and saw that a pipe had busted along the line. So, he called one of his friends that worked on the gas lines and he said he'd be along to fix it. Well, he never did come. So Mama had to bundle me up and we went on the bus across town to Daddy's Mama. She had a pot bellied stove and kerosene lanterns and we stayed there the whole day. No, one ever came out that day to fix anything because once they heard about what had happened at Pearl Harbor they were all too upset to do anything else. That is how I remember that day.
What I remember most about the war was that there was no candy! That was really hard for us kids to understand. One of Daddy's friends that ran the store down on the corner, he had one stick of gum left and he gave it to Daddy. It was Fleer's and that was the best. He cut it in half and gave it to Roger and I. Man, we made that gum last forever. We would chew it all day and then at night put it in a glass of water by our beds.
After the war was over he got in some Hershey Kisses. He was selling them 2 for a penny. Roger and I ran home and asked Mama for a nickel. She said what do you need a nickel for? We told her we want to buy some Hershey Kisses. She said, Ohhh, he has some Hershey Kisses in? We said yes, then she asked how much and we told her. She got so mad! She said, What?? Before the war they were 10 for a penny. That is highway robbery! Those kisses were so good, after not having anything like it for so long.
 That was so hard for us kids to understand, not being able to get any candy during that time. I didn't have candy for over four years!"

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