Saturday, August 4, 2012

Surname Saturday-Carver

Elihu Carver

Elihu Carver was born in Cantebury Connecticut and died in Hancock County, Mississippi. The son of David Carver and Mary Peck. He married Justine Nicaise daughter of Jean Baptiste Nicaise and Louise Ladner. They had a large family that intermarried with the Bofille, Ladner, Bourgeois, Batson, Luc, Favre, and Nicaise families along the coast.

The children of Elihu Carver and Justine Nicaise:
  • Elihu Carver Jr. born 1814
  • Marie Honorine Carver born July 16, 1816
  • Amelia Carver born 1819
  • Ezra Andre Carver born 1821
  • Pierre Carver born February 21, 1822
  • James Carver born 1823
  • Cecile Carver born 1827
  • Marie Amelia Carver born January 10, 1829
  • Jean Baptiste Carver born 1831
  • David Carver born April 4, 1837
  • Cyrille Carver born June 3, 1839
  • Alfred Edward Carver born 1845
Elihu was a surveyor and surveyed much of the coast in the pioneer days. He was also a very large landholder. His 3rd great grandfather Robert Carver who came from England to Massachusetts is disputed to be the brother or nephew of John Carver of the Mayflower.

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