Friday, July 1, 2016

The Creole Dedeaux's

The children of Henry Dedeaux and Rosalie Saucier:
Homer Dedeaux
Martial Dedeaux
Anatole Dedeaux
Adelaide Dedeaux
Louise Dedeaux
John Delmas Dedeaux
Armand Dedeaux
Helena Dedeaux

The town of Delmas located in Harrison County near the Wolf River is named after John Delmas Dedeaux. The family of John Delmas Dedeaux once attended the church, Our Lady of Good Hope in Delisle, MS. However a racial split sent the Dedeaux family to Our Lady Of Chartres, fondly called The Little Mission church by those who attend services there. After the split John Delmas Dedeaux  went in search of a new spiritual home for the fractured Catholic family and found a little Church in north Long Beach that he had relocated several miles from New Hope, this became in 1912, Our Lady of Chartres and is still attended by descendants of Delmas Dedeaux today. There was also one a small one room school house next to the church.

The Community of Dedeaux was founded by his brother Homer Dedeaux. Their cousin John Jerius Dedeaux donated the land where a combined school and Sacred Heart Catholic Church were built in the Dedeaux Community where it still remains today.

From what I have found on the family of Henry Dedeaux and Rosalie is that Rosalie was a mulatto and possible the daughter of a Saucier slave owner, either Henry Saucier or possible Pierre. Many trees have her as the daughter of Pierre Saucier and Isabel Nicaise. This can not be so, as neither were mulatto. In the 1870 census Rosalie is listed as Rosalie Saucier with son Armand, daughter's Louise and Helena, children listed as Dedeaux and all as mulatto's. In 1880 she can be found with son Armand's family and is listed as Rosalie Dedeaux, in later census' she is listed as a widow. I believe Rosalie and Azelie Saucier who was married to Clement, Henry's brother and was also listed as a mulatto may be sisters.  This family has been difficult to trace and if any reader's have anything of value to add please contact me.

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