Sunday, August 19, 2012

Louisiana Record Hunting? Try Here!

I can credit many of my armchair genealogy finds to the Louisiana Archives website. Especially the Orleans Parish page. Here you can find many records indexed by those generous souls who are the heart of the website.

You can find baptism, birth, marriage, and death indexes as well as many many others. Most records can be ordered from the archives and they provide the address and information on how to go about this.

I would also like to commend the Louisiana Secretary of State's office for also making the process of finding and ordering birth, marriage and death records so much easier for genealogists.

The Louisiana Biography & Obituary Index is another wonderful source. Here you can search by name in the obituary index and order the records thanks to the New Orleans Library and the Historic New Orleans Collection. I would like to personally thank them for copying a delicate 1850 German newspaper for me with my 3rd great grandfather's obit in it. It made the world of difference to my research.

I would hope to see other states follow the wonderful example that the Louisiana Archives has set towards making it easier for those to find their ancestors and be able to order the actual records.

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