Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Calendar- Gifts

A child's favorite part of Christmas is most likely the gifts. I spent many hours each night sitting on the floor shaking and rolling the boxes over and over trying to guess what was inside the wrapped packages.

My mother hated wrapping the gifts and I loved to do it. So she and I had a great system where I sat on the floor in the hall outside of her door as she sat inside putting things in boxes and writing who it went to on the box. Then I was allowed in the room where I was supervised in case I decided to peek at my own presents, and I then wrapped each gift and piled them up.

We always had wrapped gifts under the tree that were from family members. The gifts from Santa all came unwrapped and assembled. There would be small gifts in our stockings as well.

My favorite gift of all time was a doll that could crawl. She was called Baby That a Way. I got her in 1974. In fact I still have her and love her just the same as that Christmas 38 years ago.

This is the tenth blog in the series by GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2012.

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