Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Calendar- Holiday Happenings

This is for my daughter whose due date was on Christmas day. I felt conflicted when I was given this due date. I wanted to have a Christmas baby, I mean what better day to be born? Then I knew how hard it would be to separate her own special day of birth from the celebration of Christmas.

I was to have her by c-section, so I knew her birth would not be on Christmas day itself but rather near that, they were talking the 22nd. Then a small miracle happened. My obgyn went on vacation with his family and forgot to schedule me. I went to my appointments and never said a word to the doctor filling in. I was so hoping I could go past Christmas a few days at least for the birth.

 Christmas came and went and the next week I went in for my appointment. My doctor was so upset that I had not had the baby yet. However, he agreed that all looked well and since she was small she could have used the extra time, and they scheduled me for the next week in January. The day they gave me was my wedding anniversary. 

So now I share a special day with my daughter each year. Sometimes the hassle of Christmas, her birthday and our anniversary are a little stressful, but we manage. We always put off our anniversary dinner together until the weekend after her birthday celebration. Although she still complained the year that we actually went away without her for her birthday on our 20th anniversary, it has worked out.

She does get short changed on the gift department however since most of her gifts tend to be after Christmas markdowns. But hey, she gets more that way!

This is the fifteenth blog in the series by GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2012.

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