Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Calendar- Grab Bag- Grandfather's Christmas

Once many years ago my sister and I recorded my grandfather telling us about life back in the early 1900's. He told us many fantastic and interesting stories about his life growing up and among the stories was one about a Christmas tree. So, here is my grandfather Vic Ladner's recollection of his Christmas tree as a child.

"The Christmas Tree"

   Boy, we had a Christmas tree, I'll never forget it! We had a big cedar tree as tall as this ceiling. You know what they had? Candles! Lit! I'd think a many a day, in a wooden building like that! To take that chance! They got on a step ladder and lit all them candles. Later years, I'm thinking,, there's alot of times now, I'm thinking what a fire hazard that was! And that cedar would've burnt like gasoline if one of them candles would of touched it! They had it fixed where the candles,, But still! We didn't have electric lights though, see.

This is the ninth blog in the series by GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2012.

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  1. How precious it is for you to have your grandfather's personal souvenir of Christmas!