Saturday, July 27, 2013

Surname Saturday- Pernard

This week I made a great family discovery thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger from France. Using the little bits of each others languages that we were familiar with and an online translator we were able to communicate very well.

My Delherbe family has always been very difficult for me to research, not having much to go on but little bits and pieces. However, that all changed for me when Dominque left me a comment on a previous blog post. This led to many emails and much insight into my family in France.

My Delherbe relations in America had listed their mother as Claudinette Bernard on various records and I would have never thought to look for a name variation. Then I was directed by my new found friend to several French genealogy web pages in the area of Doubs that my family came from. These records were a gold mine. In them I found not only the records for my Delherbe family but also for Claudinette, whose last name was actually Pernard not Bernard. I was able to view the birth records for each one of her children including my great great grandmother Marie, as well.

By searching the many records of birth, marriage and death in the surrounding villages of Doubs, I was able to find my Pernard family all the way back into the early 18th century.

I was also able to find new branches and other surnames that I was previously ignorant of. I can not thank Dominique enough for her help with my genealogy and directing me to the appropriate websites in France to help me make these wonderful new discoveries possible.

My Pernard family

Claudinette Pernard born 28 Aug 1791 in Blussans, Doubs, France
her parents:
Nicolas Pernard and Marguerite Jacquin
Nicolas' parents:
Pierre Pernard and Claudine Balandier

Red area shows where Doubs is located in France

Merci mon ami Dominique!!

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