Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to everyone.

As a young girl I would have never thought that it was possible for me to have any ancestors who had fought in the Revolutionary War. This was because my family are all French, German and Spanish, who had come to the Louisiana territory in 1699 and after. They came from Canada, France, Spain, and Germany. I did not stop to think that my own paternal grandmother was an Anderson, and her mother a Graham. Nor that my paternal grandfather's mother was a Conerly. Being born and raised here on the Coast, which is basically the same as being born in Louisiana, we have the same heritage and culture. However, those that were from the central and northern parts of Mississippi, as my grandmother's family and my Conerly family were, had a different heritage altogether. They were the pioneer families. The ones who came after the Revolutionary War from the Carolina's, Virginia and Georgia. As I branched out in my search for these families, I uncovered many who fought in the War for Independence.

A few of my ancestors who helped make today possible.

Benjamin Bearden
born 1748 Granville, North Carolina
Took the oath of Allegiance in 1778

David McGraw
born 1728 Scotland
South Carolina Patriot 1781

 Peter Quin
born 11 Apr 1750, Ireland
North Carolina Patriot 1783

Cullen Conerly
born 1745, North Carolina
North Carolina Patriot

William Herrington
born 1755 North Carolina
North Carolina Patriot

John Edmondson
1762 North Carolina
1783 1st NC Regiment

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