Saturday, February 9, 2013

Surname Saturday- Castanedo

Jose Manuel Castanedo was born in Santander, Spain around 1769. He came to the Louisiana territory; when under Spanish Colonial rule, with Galvez. The Castanedo family owned a large tract of land in New Orleans known as Faubourg Castanedo. The land being sold to him by his father in law Antonio Ramis who was one of the major speculators in the Faubourg Treme project.
The  Castanedo House on N. Galvez

Jose Castanedo married Marie Rosa Ramis in 1797. They had the following children:
Marie Ignacia Castanedo
Pedro Castanedo
Marie Rose Castanedo
Raymond Castanedo
Josepha Castanedo
Marie Josephine Castanedo
Hermine Castanedo
Calixto Castanedo
Francisca Antonia Castaendo

Raymond Castanedo married Louise Aimee Pivert. They had:
Louise Castanedo
Marie Castanedo
Elizabeth Castanedo
Jean Adolph Castanedo
Arthur Castanedo
Edouard Raymond Castanedo
Emile Castanedo
Jean Gustave Castanedo
Philomene Castanedo
Jean Arthur Castanedo

Jean Adolph Castanedo was born July 17, 1832 in New Orleans. He was a merchant. He served in the Civil War in the 6th Regt. French Brig. La Militia as a Lieutenant. He married Marie Felecie Fortier in 1855 and they had:
Raymond Castanedo
Paul Castanedo
Louis Adolph Castanedo
Alice Louise Castanedo
Marie Felicie Castanedo
Albert A. Castanedo

May 1887

Albert A. Castanedo married Clementine Ladner, my grandfather's aunt, in Hancock County, Ms on November 16, 1895. They had 6 children:
Anthony Milton Castanedo
Wesley Joseph Castanedo
Marie Alice Castanedo
Antoinette Lillie Castanedo
Sheldon Castanedo
Loretta Castanedo

My grandfather Victor Ladner and his first cousin Loretta Castanedo Dubuisson were very close being born one day apart, they were like a sister and brother to one another.

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