Saturday, January 19, 2013

Surname Saturday- Grimshaw

A few weeks back I wrote of the Berthoud family, the ancestors of my cousins,  Maud and Meta Grimshaw. Now I will write of their father's family, the Grimshaw's of Louisiana.

James Grimshaw was born in England and came to the U.S. around 1827. He was a wealthy merchant and an owner of  Tayleur, Grimshaw &  Sloan. James became involved in the business in 1827 as this notice given in the Louisiana Advertiser on February 23, 1827 will attribute:

The firm had a London branch as well as one in New Orleans at 79 Canal Street. The firm was apparently dissolved in 1834, as this notice in the London Gazette will attribute:

After the dissolution of the firm of Tayleur, Grimshaw & Sloane, James founded a new firm entitled Grimshaw & Jones that operated out of Mobile, Alabama.  They later went bankrupt in 1843. 

James married  Mary Julia Berthoud, daughter of  Nicholas Berthoud and Eliza Bakewell, in New York in 1835. They later settled in the New Orleans area. James was a much respected citizen and a staunch supporter of the Christ Church, Episcopal Church in New Orleans where he served as vestryman.

James and Mary had twelve children:
Mary Julia Grimshaw, who married Brigadier General Johnson Kelly Duncan.
Henry Grimshaw, who married Lida Travis
Elizabeth Berthoud Grimshaw, who married William Seymour
Augustus Berthoud Grimshaw
James Russell Grimshaw, died at the battle of Shiloh
Alexander Gordon Grimshaw, who married Josephine Booth (parents to Maud, Meta and Russell)
Edith Grimshaw, who died as an infant
Newton Mercer Grimshaw, died young
Edward Kenyon Grimshaw, married Annie Reade
Francis Hammond Grimshaw, died young
William Grimshaw, married Hattie Knight
Meta Grimshaw

Their son, Alexander Gordon Grimshaw married Josephine Booth, daughter of Margaret Conrad and William Booth. They had four children, Edith who died as a child, James Russell, and the twins, Maud and Meta Grimshaw. James Russell, who was known as Russell never married and died without issue. The twins Maud and Meta devoted their lives to taking care of others, both of them becoming nurses after dedicating themselves to caring for their sick father for many years before his passing. They never married, nor had children, though they cared for many of their nieces and nephews as though they were their own children. They adored their Uncle Alan Wiese, my great grandfather and doted upon him.

There is a fantastic website about the Grimshaw family by Thomas Grimshaw at, Grimshaw Origins and History, which details Grimshaw's from England to America which may prove beneficial to any who are researching this family. I would suggest you contact Mr. Thomas Grimshaw if you have anything to add or any questions regarding the Grimshaw line, I myself have contributed numerous times to his site regarding my cousins portion of the family.

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