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Surname Saturday- Booth

My great grandfather's half brother was named John William Booth born in 1863 in Plaquemines Parish, La. You can just imagine the trouble I have when I search John W. Booth in the 1800's. Of course each search in old papers and other records always bring me to the infamous John Wilkes Booth that shot Lincoln. To make matters worse, some of my Booth family were a family of actors in Louisiana. So, it has been quite a fascinating journey muddling through the John W. Booth's to find my John.

William Booth was born in England about 1829. He came to Louisiana and settled in Plaquemines Parish around 1840. His obituary was published  in The Empire Parish newspaper, published in Pointe-a-la-Hache, Louisiana.

  Died-William Booth, 5 Sept. 1866, a native of England, but lived  in Plaquemines many years. He was 37, he left a widow and two small children.  William BOOTH husband of Margaret CONRAD - died 5 March 1866.
He was listed in the 1850 Louisiana census with spouse, Jean born England, and an Anthony A. Booth, born in Plaquemines Parish 1842.

William married Margaret Conrad before 1857. They had two children, Josephine Booth (who married Alexander Gordon Grimshaw) and John W. Booth. 

John W. Booth married Lucienne Marie Solis in 1888 and they had nine children:

Edwin W. Booth
Viola Agatha Booth
Reginald Gordon Booth
Anita Regina Booth
John Stephen Booth
Mildred Josephine Booth
Clarence Richard Booth
Hewitt H. Booth
Herbert Conrad Booth

In 1888 John W. Booth was elected as the Justice of the Peace of Plaquemines Parish, in Lousiana.

The 1893 Hurricane destroyed the Booth family home in Plaquemines Parish. He moved to New Orleans after he received an  appointment at the U.S. Mint in New Orleans.

His son Reginald Booth was an actor and traveled throughout Lousiana with his troupe. My grandmother and great aunt had find memories of their cousin and his acting.

John William Booth died on March 16, 1908 in New Orleans, La. His obituary in the Plaquemines Parish Newspaper follows:

JOHN W. BOOTH, age 45 years, died in New Orleans, La. on Monday 16 March 1908.  Mr. Booth, a native of this parish where he resided up to a few years ago, when he received an appointment to the New Orleans Mint. He was a gentle man and was held to the highest esteem by the people of his native parish.....  Mr. Booth leaves a widow and several children.... The funeral took place Tuesday evening and the remains were laid to rest in the New St. Louis Cemetery of New Orleans.

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