Saturday, September 1, 2012

Surname Saturday- Delherbe

My Delherbe family came to America from France in 1839. The family first came to New York. They were;
  Claudinette Bernard Delherbe, the mother and her children; Elisabeth, Marie, Joseph, Francois, and   Pierre Delherbe

Claudinette and Pierre stayed in New York. I have found no further record of Elisabeth and Joseph. Joseph is however a family name that was passed on in the Delherbe family sons. 

Francois married Frances and had two sons, Achille and L. Emile Delherbe. Francois moved to Georgia. He is listed as one of the original settlers of the area of Augusta. In several papers he is called one of the oldest and most respected citizen of the community. He was listed as a naturalized citizen of Augusta in 1867's list of qualified voters. Francois was a soldier in the Civil War. He was the foreman for the Augusta volunteer fire department. Francois' occupation in the census is listed as shoemaker. His son Achille can be found in several newspapers in Georgia, in voter lists and court records. He later is noted as being back in France, having moved there for his business.

Several years ago I came across several families of Delhebe living in Florida and one in California. I was able to contact a few of them to find out that they are from Chile. They told me that they are from an Achille Delherbe from France who later came to Chile and had a family there.  Am hoping to find out more on this connection one day!!

Marie Delherbe married Charles Moulin and they moved to New Orleans, La. They had a son Jules Delherbe that was born in New Jersey, the other two sons were born in Louisiana, Mathurin Delherbe and Charles Moulin. There was possibly a third son, Henry or Hilaire Moulin. I have written before in my blog the story called  Of the Grass....The Delherbe Story explaining how the sons of Marie and Charles Moulin later used their mother's name as their surname. Mathurin Delherbe married Margaret Buhr and they had 9 children, Joseph, Louise, Mary, Henry, Edna, my great grandmother, Matthew, Josephine, Loretta, and Harold. One of Mathurin's grandson's Joseph later moved to New Jersey where he worked for the railroad. He lived near his extended family while there.

Pierre Delherbe stayed in New York and raised his family. He first married Anna Herlter and later Denise LaPique. They had Julian, Charles, Joseph, Louise, and Emile. He and his mother Claudinette are listed in the Immigrant Bank Records. They also can be found in the New Jersey Directory as proprietor's of a store.

Another daughter of Claudinette Bernard Delherbe is Francoise, who very well may be Elisabeth. She is listed in several documents as the sister of Pierre Delherbe. She married Brice Aubry in New York.

I have found no record of a husband of Claudinette Bernard in America with the family. However in several records he is listed as, Pierre, or Jacques, or Francois Delherbe.  I found a marriage record for Claudinette Bernard who married a Jacques Francois Delherbe in Doubs, France on February 18, 1811.

In Marie Delherbe and Charles Moulin's marriage record she lists her parents as Claudinette Bernard and Pierre Delherbe. Charles lists his as Etienne Moulin and Adelaide Pey.

My New Orleans family of Delherbe left only one living male to carry on the name. He however was the product of divorce in the early 1900's and was raised not knowing his family and was adopted by his stepfather. I have just recently been in contact with these relatives and it has been wonderful to get to know my long lost cousins. The magic of genealogy, message board posts and search engines connected us all these years later.


  1. Sorry but Aquiles De L'Herbe is not related to the Delherbes in USA at all. then you are not related to them. they are or were three branches of the De L'Herbe, from different places in France.I am the third person in my family that we had been doing a research. my cousin that knew and started all died. and he was more or less 60 or 70. sorry but is no connection.i check all that already in the 80s. it is not like Smiths last name.they are many. i am a grand child of Aquiles De L'Herbe an I know who my great granparents were.keep searching. a tip the name came from what they were doing french is cultivatrices is a long story about my family.keep searching. it is so much hours you will have to spend.

  2. is no connection among the Delherbes in USA and Aquiles De L'Herbe my grandpa sorry .we are not related at different group or family. keep searching they were three different branches from different towns.Delherbe means agriculture's people.
    the other group De L'Herbe is different story.

  3. Hello Sophie-Paulette, You and I had conversed several years ago regarding the De L'Herbe family. Good to hear from you again. I was lucky recently to receive help from a researcher in France. She helped me find my branch of the De L'Herbe family in Doubs, France.
    Thanks for commenting.