Saturday, September 8, 2012

Surname Saturday- Create a Surname Subway Art Poster

While not exactly what I usually post for Surname Saturday... I thought this might be a fun change. Last night I decided to make a subway art style poster with many of the surnames I am researching. Since it seems to be the in thing right now and well just because I like the way they look.

I loved the old piknik program, but sadly it is gone. However several of the piknik folks got together and made a new site with many of the same features called, Ribbit. It is a free site.

Here is what you do: Log into the Ribbit site or use the link above.
  • First you will need to go to make a collage.
  • Select collage
  • Next select color choice (note there is a small box to the left that you can click to change the colors) 
  • Click done
  • Next under Basic Edits select crop
  • Crop to size choice (mine is 8x10)
  • Next go to Frames, located on the top bar (that is if you want a frame)
  • Select your frame or border
  • You can change the color and thickness
  • Select Text, located on the top bar
  • Now you can play with the text and change colors
  • Save and Share
Here is what mine looks like.


  1. Hi Michelle, I love this! I signed up to follow your blog by e-mail, and I made one of these surname posters that I am about to post on my blog today. Thank you for this great, creative tip!

  2. Thanks Patti! I kept seeing all the cute posters on pinterest for Christmas and other Holiday's and thought it would be neat to do a surname one for my house. I am glad you made one and thanks for letting me know.