Saturday, February 2, 2013

Surname Saturday- LeGrande

 John LeGrande and Dolores Saucier were married on April 23, 1930 at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in New Orleans. John was born and raised in White Castle, Louisiana. He was the son of Ulysses Pierre LeGrande and Anaise Melancon. They had one son Leonard LeGrande born on May 26, 1940 in New Orleans.

Ulysses LeGrande was he son of Jean Baptiste LeGrande who was born in France and came to Louisiana on 15 Feb 1848. Jean B. LeGrande married Renee Marie Dugas in Paincourtville, La, on
December 26, 1867. They had six children:
Ulysses Pierre LeGrande
Therese Aglae LeGrande
Jean Gustave LeGrande
Catherine LeGrande
Maurgerite LeGrande
Mary Elisa LeGrande

Jean Baptiste LeGrande died in Donaldsonville on September 29, 1878.

When I was growing up I often heard the story of how my grandparents met, it was always a funny and sort of confusing type of story since it involved friends and relatives. It went like this; cousin Johnny LeGrande was married to cousin Dolores Saucier and Dolores was my grandfather's first cousin, and my grandmother's best friend. Johnny was my grandmother's relative and my grandfather's good friend. One day, cousin Johnny said to my grandfather, "Vic, I want you to met this girl "Red", I think she would be perfect for you." Johnny called my grandmother Irma "Red" as his pet name for her. My grandfather always said, "I was expecting to see this girl with flaming red hair, and instead I met a girl with beautiful soft auburn hair instead, boy that Johnny he had me worried!" Johnny stood for my grandfather and Dolores for my grandmother when they married. They always had a close relationship.

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