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Surname Saturday- Necaise


This name was always spelled as Nicaise in records before World War I. After that the name began being spelled as it was pronounced, Necaise, (Knee- Case). There are still a few local families that have kept the original French spelling of Nicaise. Which ever way it is spelled they are still one in the same family.

Jean Baptiste Nicaise was a native of Paris, France. He was the son of Jacques Nicaise and Catherine Duveer. Jean Baptiste Nicaise occupation was listed as master wig maker. He left France for the Louisiana Colony. 

Here he married Marie Angelique Miot daughter of Andre Miot and Marie Angelique Girard in Mobile, Alabama on May 11, 1745. 

They had eight children :

  • Andre Nicaise
  • Noel Nicaise
  • Marie Jeanne Nicaise
  •  Jean Baptiste Nicaise
  • Joseph Nicaise
  • Charles Nicaise
  • Henriette Nicaise
  • Marie Louise Nicaise
Jean Baptiste Nicaise served in the French army and was released from his service on May 1, 1750.  He settled with his wife and family on the Fowl River just south of Mobile.

Of Jean Baptiste and Marie Angelique's children only four apparently survived. They married and had large families that many can claim descent from today. 
  • Marie Jeanne Nicaise married Barthelemy Grelot. They had five children, Justine Greolot who married Antoine Bayard. Marguerite Grelot who married Honore Turin. Barthelemy Grelot who married Marguerite Bousarge. Ursule Grelot who married Phillipe Pierre Saucier. Isabel Grelot who married J.J. Belon Dedeaux.
  • Jean Baptiste Nicaise Jr. married into the Ladner family. He married Louise Baptiste Ladner, daughter of Jean Baptiste Ladner and Marie Louise Fisseau. They had eight children, Eliza Nicaise who married Jean Jacques Saucier. Louise Nicaise who married Jean Mallet/Malley. Judith Niciase who married Pierre Pedro Morin/Moran. Marie Niciase who married Francois Nicolas Ladner. Claude Nicaise. Ursule Nicaise who married Jean Pierre Dedeaux. Justine Nicaise who married Elihu Carver. Marie Therese Nicaise. Isabel Nicaise who married Pierre Saucier. Jean Baptiste Nicaise III. Charles Nicaise married Euphrasine Favre, Josephine Garnier and Cecile Ladner. Arsenette Nicaise who married Pierre Sorbet and Michel Luc de Guerre.

  • Joseph Nicaise married Jeanne Dufilly and they had eight children. Marie Nicaise who married Eugene Dubuisson. Louise Nicaise who married Sylvan Dubuisson. Jean Baptiste Nicaise who married Genevieve Ladner. Charles Nicaise who married Euphrosine Favre. Francis Nicaise. Margarita Louise Nicaise who married Silvan Basil Dubuisson. Louis Nicaise. Josephine Nicaise who married Phillipe Saucier.

  • Marie Louise Nicaise married into the Saucier family. She married Phillipe Saucier, son of Henri Saucier and Barbe LaCroix. They had ten children, Marie Louise Saucier married  Ramon Sebastiano Lizana. Marie Saucier, no further record. Magdeleine Saucier married Jean Pierre Dedeaux. Eugenie Saucier married Louis Decalogne. John Phillipe Saucier married Marguerite Grelot. Victoire Saucier married Jean Baptiste Toulme. Lucielle Saucier married Bertrand Lassabe. Basalice Saucier married Jean Cassibry. Jacques Saucier married Adele Saucier. Pierre Saucier married Elizabeth Nicaise.

The two brothers, Jean Baptiste and Joseph left the Mobile area in the late 1770's to settle in the area which is known as Delisle in Mississippi just across the Bay of St. Louis. Most descendants still live in and around this area today.

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