Monday, September 24, 2012

Mississippi Educable Children Records

I love when I haven't checked a resource in a while and then decide to and BAM! they have added something new and worthwhile.

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History have added the  Educable Children Records to their digital archives collection.

You can browse the records by county. They have various years, with parents and children being listed in 1885 and beyond. You get the names and ages of the children in each household of educable age. Children of all races are listed in the records. Which may help those who are researching hard to trace families. 

I was able to find my great great grandfather, shown below, E.V. Ladner and six of his children in the 1885 record book.

Note that this is not a searchable database. You will have to go through page by page to find what you are looking for. In my case this was a time consuming but very rewarding experience, as I found many other people along the way. It was also extremely helpful in regards to finding several families which I have been having a hard time finding in other local records.

There is also a print option, which I have not tried as of yet, but plan on trying out. Just so I can put the paper form in an easily accessible file so when I need to do a look up I won't have to click through 93 pages to find the one page I need.

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