Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Today in my Tree

I plan on trying to pick a person a day from my tree with something relevant to that day, such as a birth, marriage, death, etc. and blog about them.

Today's person is Pierre Saucier who died on this day in 1895.

Pierre Saucier was born April 11, 1819 in Delisle, Ms. He married Mary Jane Smith in 1840 and they had eight children.
Calvin Pierre Saucier, Randolph Saucier, Laura Saucier Bond, Jean Alvin Saucier, Louise Saucier,
Mary Saucier, Edwin and William Saucier.
Mary Jane died in 1867 and Pierre married again to Elizabeth Perkins whom he also had eight children with.
Mary Ovelia Saucier Ladner, Louis Saucier, Marie Saucier,  Peter Saucier, Annabel Saucier Ladner, Phillipe Saucier, and Bertrand Ellis Saucier.

Pierre served in the Confederacy during the Civil war. He was enlisted in Company H, 3rd Mississippi Infantry as a 2nd Lieutenant. 
Pierre later lived in the Soldiers home at Beauvoir. Which was the former home of Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederacy, on the beach in Biloxi, Ms.  Beauvoir is now a museum open to the public, there is also a cemetery on the grounds where many soldiers were buried. 
Pierre was buried in the Saucier family Cemetery in Saucier, Ms.


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