Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Echoes of a Lost Cemetery

Sadly one of the significant factors to the loss of Coast history is hurricanes. My grandfather's family cemetery and many other cemeteries along the Coast have fallen victims to the ravages of the many hurricanes. Whether from the waves washing over and washing out tombs, markers and headstones, or covering them completely with debris from the howling winds, the Coast has unfortunately lost a good many of our Old Cemeteries. However, there is once such cemetery in Hancock County that was very old and was unfortunately destroyed first by winds and waves, then again by those who were unaware that a cemetery lay below the debris and in the clean up efforts completely plowed down any remaining vestiges of the cemetery.
This cemetery was known as the Victor Ladner Cemetery and according to testimony given by my grandfather who grew up next to it, contained the graves of his family, including his grandfather and his great grandfather, as well as various family members. There is some debate as to some of the family possibly being moved to another cemetery after the 1947 Hurricane. As of a few weeks ago I thought the cemetery was lost to us forever. Now, there seems to be hope that we may yet find the resting place of those lost graves.
An effort to have a headstone added there for Victor Ladner Jr. who fought in the Civil War is under way. As well as efforts of finding the lost graves of several other family members. Many thanks to the Shieldsboro Rifles division of the SCV for their help and Dorty Necaise for all his help.

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