Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book Review

I just have to tell you about this book I have been reading! If you are interested in Hancock County Mississippi, its rich history and folk lore then this is the perfect book for you. Written by Russell B. Guerin a Gulf Coast native, historian and fellow blogger, the book is entitled; 

Early Hancock County A Few of Her People and Some of  Their Stories

The book covers the whole Pirate House mystery, which I especially enjoyed  because this was one of the tales my Grandfather would often tell me as a child. He would tell of  Lafitte and his band of Pirates and how his grandfather had told him these same stories that his father had told him. He told of buried family valuables and the pirates coming ashore. My grandfather as a child made a game out of hunting for treasure on the very shores the pirates once walked.

The book covers the Civil War in Hancock County, Slavery, the Choctaws and much more. I highly recommend this book for your personal library. But, you better order today because they are going fast!


  1. Michelle,
    Hi - where might you be able to order this book from - local on the Gulfcoast?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Where on the Gulf Coast may this be ordered from?

  3. Julie, they had it last time I checked at Barnes&Noble. Books a Million may have it as well you could call and check. You can also get it from Bay Books in Bay St. Louis or you can order it from Amazon (this is what I did). Here is the author's web page link to his book about where to purchase it.