Sunday, May 12, 2013

Through My Mother's Eyes

Four generations of women who each taught their daughter's the love and value of home and family. When I look at the photos of my great great grandmother and great grandmother, I don't have to wonder about them. I already know them. Through the stories told by my grandmother and mother of course, but I mean a deeper knowing. One made by actions and impressions handed down from mother to daughter. A little quirk of the mouth, a look in the eye, hand movements, mannerisms. These things we pick up without much thought. Or things a daughter who adores her mother and grandmother may spend hours trying to emulate.  Many women find themselves saying, "I've turned into my mother" after doing or saying something that their mother would have once done.
It is an honor to be anything like my mother, because being like her means that I am following in the footsteps of the women who made her who she is. Through my mother's eyes I can see her mother, her grandmother, great grandmother, and beyond. I am comforted to know that their love and guidance still lingers throughout the generations.
Happy Mother's Day


  1. I, too, feel "comforted to know that their love and guidance still lingers throughout the generations." Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Thank You! A very Happy Mother's Day to you as well!