Saturday, November 3, 2012

Surname Saturday- Lawn/Layton

Buxton Lawn and Mary Dawson of England had a large family of ten children. Of those children we know that at least six of them came to America, where they married and raised large families themselves.

Robert the eldest son in America changed his name to Layton. He along with one brother and three sister's settled in Louisiana. The sister's were Anne Lawn McKittrick, Elizabeth, and Mary Lawn.

Anne was widowed while still in England, she had one daughter from this marriage, Mary. Anne later married Samuel James Stephens in Louisiana. They had three daughters. Ann, Catherine, and Cecelia.

Elizabeth Lawn married William Blackman Ligon and they had eleven children.

Mary Lawn married Charles K. Porter and they had two children.

Robert Layton first married Susan Gilchrist and later Margaret Newman Hewes. His first marriage produced four children and the second, six children. He owned Layton and Co. and was a ship's chandler. Robert had a hand in building the St. Tammany Parish courthouse. He is listed in the roll of enlisted men for the War of 1812 as Quarter Master, 1st Regiment DeJan's Louisiana Militia.

His grandson was Dr. Thomas Layton of New Orleans. Thomas studied medicine in Paris and was received his M.D. in 1868. He returned to New Orleans where he practiced. He wrote the Transmission and Transformation of Nervous Diseases Through Heredity.

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