Saturday, January 18, 2014

Surname Saturday- Girardy


Joseph Girardy was a native of France and lived on Bayou St. John in Louisiana. He first married a  woman named Francoise Julienne. Many claim she was an Indian woman. They had a daughter Angelique Girardy. Joseph was then married to Marie Jeanne Henry who was the daughter of Nicholas Henry and Elizabeth Houmard. They had four daughters together, Marie Jeanne, Marie Louise, Marie Rose, and Marie Francoise Girardy.

Map of Original Settlement of Bayou St. John
Joseph Girardy was given a land claim of 5 arpents by 40 arpents deep on May 27, 1719 on Bayou St. John. 

Angelique Girardy married first, Alain Dugue who died in 1729. She then married J.B. Rejas Laprade in 1730 and in 1739 married again to Laurent Lerable. They had a son also named Laurent Lerable.

Marie Jeanne Girardy married Paul Barre on 07 Oct 1726 they had a large family, Marie Jeanne, Cecile, Charlotte, Charles, Louise, Eugene , Marie Francoise, and Marie Josephe Barre.

Marie Louise Girardy married Louis Langlois on 06 Feb 1739, and later married Charles Loreins Tarascon in 1752. 

Marie Rose Girardy married Jean Baptiste Saucier on 06 Apr 1740, they had Julien, Jean Baptiste, Laurent, and Marie Rose Saucier. Marie Rose Girardy married secondly to Louis Duvernay on November 18, 1747 they had Louis, Marie Louise, Nicholas, Antoine, Marie Pelagie, Elizabeth, Jeanne Marie, Felicite, Franocis Girard, Brigette, and Francois Duvernay.

Marie Francoise Girardy married Joseph Milon on 20 Jun 1734 and they had Jacques Milon. She married a second time to Joseph Trottier des Ruisseaux in 1744 and they had Marie Elizabeth Trottier.

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