Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Update and a Rant

Wow! I hit a nerve yesterday! After posting my story about Feedspot this is the email I received today.

Hi Michelle,

Your blog has not been hijacked. I just read your post

Could you please remove this post?

Users follow your blog using your blogs RSS feed which is available to all. Additionally, we also promote blogs in our 'Who to Follow' section to Feedspot users.

Feedspot is just a platform for reading rss feeds. All articles link back to your original blog. So you get extra traffic from Feedspot. There are many other rss reader where your blog is being read by other users using its rss.

If you block your rss feed or make your blog private, users won't be able to read your content from feedspot.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Seriously! I was added without my knowledge nor my permission to this RSS feed. I write a blog post to complain about it and now I am being asked to take my post down! I understand what an RSS reader is and how it works. I doubt that Feedly or Digg Reader had to run out and randomly added my blog, nor any other RSS readers. I don't understand why Feedspot would think it is okay to just randomly add people without permission and then get upset when we get upset about it! 
So yes, I call it hijacking when I was not informed until after the fact that my blog was being added to your reader. Perhaps this company would fare better by sending out emails promoting themselves and asking if you would like to be added. All you have to do is Google Feedspot to see the many irate bloggers complaining just as I am.

Remove me from Feedspot or whatever if you don't like what I post. I didn't ask to be there.

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