Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ancestors on Vacation

I just came back from a much needed vacation. Which led me to think about my ancestors and the types of vacations that they took.

Looking through the local news archives has led me to find various family members taking a vacation from their homes in New Orleans to what was then considered the Riviera of the South. The beaches of the Mississippi Coast.

The Mississippi Coast was a get away from city life. Here families could fish, boat, swim, relax and take advantage of the healing waters of the many natural hot springs.

My great uncle and aunt took one of those Mississippi Gulf Coast vacations in 1910 and their simple vacation getaway ended up being captured by the local paper. Thanks to the capture of a different kind.... 

Another popular place for my ancestors seemed to be Lake St. Catherine in Louisiana where they had a fishing camp. One of my great uncles sent a post card photograph home of himself holding his fish. On the back he wrote, "Fishing in Lake St. Catherine. Lovely weather, having a good time. Your Son, Henry"

My grandfather loved to spend his free time fishing. He and many of the residents of the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts enjoy fishing in the Rigolets. Which is an area on the Louisiana coastline. They spent a lot of time in the marsh hunting fowl as well. As is evidenced by the many photographs of family members holding their prized ducks.

My grandfather and relatives fishing in the Rigolets in the 1930's

They also liked to explore the historic areas while out fishing in the Rigolets. They took several photos of a local fort in the 1930's. Fort Pike was built in 1818 and was used by the Confederacy in 1861 and then claimed by the Union in 1862. It is presently decaying due to the many storms and time.

Fort Pike 1930's
Fort Pike 1930's

This past week I too visited  an old historic fort, Fort Pickens in Pensacola, Florida. While there I relaxed, swam, explored, and saw many people fishing. So, I guess when it comes to getting away from the stress of life for a few days not much has changed.

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