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Phillip Roth-KWL Chart

 A  KWL Chart is something that we use in school with students prior to reading. They are basic questions that can also be applied to genealogy. What I Know, What I Want to to Know, and What I Learned.

What I Know

Phillip Roth and Augusta Becker married in Hancock County Mississippi on January 31, 1894. They were both natives of New Orleans. This was the second marriage for Phillip who had two daughters from his first marriage.

Phillip Eugene Roth was born about 1851. His parents were Carmelite Fernand, whose father was from Spain and Raphael Roth from St. Gabriel, La. His birth date is hard to determine because he can not be found in the birth indexes, and it is listed as several different dates in the various census records. 

His father Raphael is an enigma. His name is listed in Phillips's sister Malvina's birth record as posthumous having died before her birth.  Malvina's birth is January 27, 1846. This gives me the indication that either Phillip was born before 1851 or he had a different father than Malvina. 

The last census Phillip can be found in was the 1920 census.

The 1920 census:

Here he is listed as Philo Roth age 61 with his wife Augusta and two grandchildren.

The 1910 census:
Here he is listed as Philo Roth age 54 with wife Augusta, daughter Rita, and son Edwin.

The 1900 census:
Here he is listed as Philot Roth age 49 with wife Augusta, granddaughter Henrietta Lang, daughters Eva and Rita, son Edwin, son in law Joseph Lang and daughter Josephine Lang. 

The 1880 Census:
Here he is listed as Eugene Roth are 29 with his first wife Mary, daughter Josephine, mother Carmelite and Arnold Roth.

The 1870 Census:
Here he is listed as Philogene age 19 with a Catherine Roth (Carmelite?)  Joseph, Clothilde, and Philomene.

There are two 1860 censuses with this family on two separate streets, they must have moved during the census taking.

The 1860 Census:
Here he is listed as Philogene age 8 with W. Raphael Roth, Alexander, Aglae, Malvina, Clothilde, and Armand.

The 1850 Census:
There is no listing of the name Phillip, or any of the variations of his name in the 1850 census.
Alexander's wife Amelia and son Ernest are listed on the last two rows. The rest are the same names in the previous census with the exception of M.L. Pepe and Marguerite.

New Orleans Directory:


What I Want To Know

I would like to find Phillip's birth record, or even a copy of his marriage or death record. Something that may tell me if his father was Raphael Roth or not. I recently found his wife Augusta's obituary, if I could only find his. I just need that little key to break through the puzzle. I would like to find out more about the life of Raphael Roth. I know who his parents and his siblings were. However, I would like to know where he is buried, how and why he died. I would love to know more about Carmelite Fernand. The 1880 census says her father was from Spain. My grandfather always said he was part of the Spanish emissary that came to Louisiana when we were sold to Spain by France. What was his name, where in Spain was he from? Did she have Phillip during her lonely widowhood, and if so who is the father?

What I Learned

Through the various census records it would indicate that Phillip was the son of Carmelite, widow of Raphel Roth. The possibility that his father was someone other than Raphael seems highly likely given the ages he appeared in each census. He is listed younger than Malvina who we know was born after her father's death as indicated in her birth certificate.
Phillip, several brothers and a sister later moved to Hancock County Mississippi and lived either on the same street as one another or close by one another. My grandfather knew them to be his cousins, Aunts and Uncles.
The name Carmelite was a popular family name being handed down among several of the Roth children, and grandchildren. As in the case of my grandfather's sister Henrietta Carmelite Ladner. 
Mainly I learned to be diligent and to continue to search. The answer is out there, I just need to find it!

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