Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Summer Vacation-Going to the Cemetery

Only another genealogist would understand the excitement bubbling up in me over a trip to several cemeteries. Pretty soon school will start back and I will be back in first grade once again and while the rest of the staff will be telling of their exciting vacations and showing pictures, I will just smile and say how exciting.  I would have been just as excited about telling of my trip too, to the cemetery. Yet, no one will want to hear about that! I could just see the look of polite interest on their faces, and the thoughts running in their heads about how strange I am.

Nearly the whole summer has passed and I have yet to get to one cemetery. I have suffered through a 12 mile trip in a canoe in 100 degree heat on our local river just to please my husband and sons. My daughter was smart and stayed home. I could not move my arms for at least three days after that. I only endured that trip with the hope that in doing so one of them would be kind enough to go with me to several cemeteries located way out in the country, so I would not have to go alone. Week after week I waited to see if there was an opportunity to go. Each time something has come up or it has rained the entire week. So, now with one week left before school begins, I made sure that they knew I was not pleased, I mean after all I went on the canoe trip from hell for them!

So, finally my husband agreed to take me today. Guess where I am? Sitting at home in front of the computer, because he was called in to work extra this week. He promised Thursday, so I am holding him to it, even if it rains.

Since I am going to several very old cemeteries, in different communities, I decided to take the opportunity today to write down all the names of those I will be looking for. This way my husband may have a copy as well and hopefully it will cut my time in half, since I know I will only have the one day to get it all in.

I am very excited about my special summer vacation trip to the cemetery! Can't wait to see what I find.

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