Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Finds- A Football Game at Jeopardy

Don't Forget Your Rabbit's Foot

A lot of people in these parts believe in voodoo, or hoodoo. I come across articles about both in our local newspapers quite often. Today, I came across this article which struck me as quite funny regarding a football game and a forgotten rabbit's foot. 

Laurel Leader Call
November 4, 1930
The secret is out. Robert E . Lee
did not bring his well worn rabbit
foot to the Laurel - Brookhaven football
game Friday night. That was
the reason the Tornado could not
get going in the first half. When
one of the city officials found that Robert  
had neglected this he threatened
 to do damage to the forgetful
one. Robert broke all records fetching
the beloved charm at the half
and it was the  rubbing of this hoodoo
that brought victory. If anyone
desires to see what service that,
rabbit foot has seen please get in
touch with Robert at the High

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