Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hormonal Genealogist

Being married to a genealogist, it is a never ending array of going to graveyards, being lied to about whose graves your cleaning. Finding out you're married to your cousin.(Insert Jeff Foxworthy joke here) Finding out at every family reunion how much your wife looks like your great aunt. (Who is kin to her and you) How she can not pronounce the word mayonnaise, or as she says maneeeeeese. (So embarrassing) Having her kick me off of the Call of Duty server so she can find a dead relative from the early 1800s. Claiming one day to make tons of money doing what she calls a Hobby. (I say obsession) Getting so busy searching dead relatives she forgets important things like Cooking, and spending quality time with her now living family.(Maybe after we are dead we will get the respect we deserve!) Learning that the first cast iron pot was made in 1797, mason jars were invented in 1858, these things I could not have gone through life just not knowing.
So, the above writings would of course not be from yours truly, but from a much disgruntled husband who happened to find his wife's blog open and apparently inviting! I could of course have just deleted this post, but in all good fun, I decided to go ahead and leave it. After all he was sort of dead on about most of it!


  1. This is hilarious! Nice to see things from the other side for once! I'll recommend everyone I know to come take a look at this!

  2. I am so glad to discover this blog tonight ( via the Advent Memories link on geneablogger) . Lots of great stories . Totally love the title of this post " Hormonal Genealogist" . Now I have a name for what's wrong with me .........I will ask my Doctor ( not my husband !).