Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cousin Meta and the Cats

I have told of the two twin cousins Maude and Meta before, this is just one of the many memories of those two wonderful women.
Meta Grimshaw had always loved cats, she was even photographed by the local paper with one of her cats. When we would visit with the cousins, my brother and I would often go sit out on the front porch where there was a swing. We would always encounter another resident of St. Anna's there, generally of the feline kind. So, the two of us would swing with a cat upon our laps in the cool shade of the porch. Once I can remember another lady who resided there came out and asked to sit with us, my brother and I schooched on over. She asked us many questions, one of which was, "Who are you here to visit?" We told her our Cousin's Maude and Meta Grimshaw, she laughed and said "Well, that is Meta's cat you are petting there, she is crazy over cats you know. She feeds all these cats out here and worries over them like they are her babies." I can remember feeling quite pleased that we were alike that way, because I was a cat person as well. I dashed back up the stairs to ask about the cats, and was told their names, and Cousin Meta was sure glad to know that we had seen a certain one, because she had been worried about him as she had not seen him for awhile.
After I had written about Cousin Maude and Meta the first time, my mother said to me, "Did you tell about the cats? How about the time Cousin Meta was sitting there with a cat on her lap and missed her dinner because she didn't want to disturb the cat?" We laughed together over that thinking back on the stories of Cousin Meta and her cats.

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