Saturday, April 7, 2012

1940 Census

With much anticipation the 1940 census finally made its grand entrance in the world of genealogical research. I was amazed however, at how many people assumed it was going to be accessible right away. I saw many complaining on  several boards regarding this.
After an amazingly short amount of time and much work all 3.8 million records were uploaded to I was waiting with baited breath for Mississippi and Louisiana. They were one of the last ones to be completed. Of course, my luck! However since being completed I barely had the time to sit and search. Finally yesterday evening I was able to sit and start muddling through.
Although I knew the street  where my grandparents lived, I was not able to find them in the ward suggested, so I decided to just sit and go through all of the pages one by one. Finally there they were!! It was a wonderful moment seeing them married, and living with their two first born children. Although I already knew all the important information listed on the census it was still a thrilling moment to see them there on paper, together.
While going through the pages one by one, I have enjoyed seeing many names of relatives, and friends of the family. Many familiar names today appeared out of the past, the Mayor, Police Chief, etc. all there as infants and small children in 1940. Who knew then that they would be who they are now? I have continued to sit and go through slowly page by page attaching the records to people already in my tree.
One thing I would like to see however, is that once starts indexing these names, I would love for them to take in consideration of asking local volunteers per district to do their own areas. Being familiar with the names and people we would have less mistakes in names added to the index. Just as they sent out a query and interview to their Ancestry Aces, they should consider doing this again for index volunteers. I understand this would take some time but it makes sense in the long run. When you have for instance the name Favre spelled, Favrie, Farve, and Fauvre as I have seen in thus far in our Mississippi census pages, a person familiar with the local Coast spelling would know that it is correct at Favre, same thing with Saucier, being Saussier, and so on.
All in all I have found the images to be of excellent quality! I am  enjoying the search, and look forward to continue finding little gems as I go along. Kudos to the team!!

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