Thursday, April 23, 2020

There Once was a Girl

I made up a song for my grand daughter when she was born, its not great but it put her to sleep and as I sang it to her I realized I was doing the same thing my ancestors once did. Passing down history through song. I tell her its the story of her. I thought about it last night as I was singing it to her, what if I wrote it down and illustrated it for her. She could have her own little book forever.

So, Stella Lucille, here is the story of you.

There once was a girl in a land far away, far across the sea, an ocean away. This little girl had dreams so big. Her name was Catra as Catherine was too big. Catra grew up in old Germany, there she met a boy, Jacob  was he. They got married and began a family. One day Jacob says he, Catra lets go across the sea to a land of opportunity.

So, they got on a ship and sailed across the sea to the land of opportunity. New York was where they first came ashore, but that was long before. From New York they bought a thing called a Prairie Schooner, it would sail upon the land so sooner they would be in that place they dreamed to be.

Hardship, she doth prevail, wilderness and vast empty land, and only time would tell when where and how they would dwell.

Life continued for many months when Catra tells Jacob we must soon stop for a baby was coming and they must prepare. Soon they came to a place called Ohio, Jacob stops there it reminds him of home in Gros. So, there a babe was born and was named Margaret called Maggie.

Years go by in contentment. But one day Jacob hears of a new settlement of Germans just like them in a place called Mount Pleasant. They loaded up their schooner yet once again and traveled the land to the Missouri.

While in Missouri Jacob heard tales of a land where it was always warm and Oranges did grow. Jacob told Catra, here we must go.

They took that prairie schooner yet again and sailed it down a mighty river called the Mississippi.
Oh the sights they did see, Indians, animals, and things yet unseen.

One day as it was retold to me, Catra and Jacob came to a place of a great orange grove at the mouth of the river. Jacob did look around and say, here it is the place I've dreamed to be.

Here we will stay forever. And forever it be.

This my dear is the story of you, from Catra came Maggie, then James and Lucille, then Gaynelle, and Michelle, on to Alyssa and finally you. Stella Lucille, this is the story of you.

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