Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surname Saturday- Withan

In Diamond, La lived my great grandaunt and uncle, Emma Wiese Withan and her husband David Withan. Dave as he was known to his friends and family, was born in Germany. His history was given in the local newspaper at one time:
Born in Baden, Germany in December 1860 and after receiving a high school education left the old country at the age of 13 to try for his fortune in the New World. He first settled in Tennessee. Here he remained for two years plus his majority, when he conceived that Louisiana was a better place and Plaquemines Parish best of all, He liked the place and stayed. He is now engaged in the mercantile business in the 8th Ward, which he has represented in the capacity of his present incumbency being re-elected as an independent Democrat. Mr. Witham, long ago married and is the father of a baby girl.
 He was also the postmaster in Diamond, La and his house was located across from the depot station there. His daughter Elsie was photographed sitting on the veranda with her dog, as was her habit each day to watch the loading and unloading of passengers. They ran her photo and a story in the paper entitled, "Elsie and her dog Pert"

Dave Withan died on September 15, 1934 and was buried in Diamond Cemetery in Plaquemines Parish.

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