Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calendar- Santa Claus

I do believe! I do believe in Santa Claus!

I can remember going downtown to see Santa Claus as a small child. I was terribly afraid of him, but I wanted the candy cane he handed out and I wanted to make sure he knew what I wanted. Yet, when it was my turn to sit upon his lap I always froze and could not remember what I wanted. Barbie doll, was all I could get out. I was like the kid in the Christmas Story. 

My brother and I always made a list and mailed it off to the North Pole. Sometimes we got a letter in return reminding us to be good. Santa would always list some personal things that made me know he had been watching. 

Once Christmas Eve, I had gone to bed and I was just so keyed up that I could not sleep despite the warning of Santa won't come if you are not asleep. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and I shut my eyes tight and tried to breathe as though I were asleep. I dare not move a muscle as I felt a presence standing over me checking to see if I was indeed asleep. Was it Santa? My frantic mind was racing. I was sweating in my long flannel nightgown. It seemed to last forever, but finally satisfied that I was fast asleep the presence moved away and closed the door. I lay there listening to noises coming from the living room. I was so afraid I would be found out and off my presents would go. I curled up and did not move. I must have dozed off because I awoke around 5 am. I got up and grabbed the flashlight that I had stashed before going to bed and saw that my pink fuzzy slippers that were on the floor next to my bed were smashed flat where Santa Claus had stood on them when he was checking on me. 

I slowly crept into the living room and there was such a fantastic sight for my young eyes. I turned on the Christmas tree and lay there on the floor not daring to touch a thing, I just looked. I stayed there until I felt it was a reasonable hour to drag my parents out of bed so we could open our gifts and see what all Santa had brought.

I told everyone who would listen that Santa Claus had crushed my slippers. My parents just chuckled each time I said it. 

This is the sixth blog in the series by GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2012.

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