Saturday, July 7, 2012

What is Your d'Aboville Number ?

 Randall Seaver of  Genea-Musings has come up with a new genealogy mission involving the d'Aboville number system. I saw his latest Saturday night mission and thought, "No problem! I know all about the d'Aboville number system and how to use it." I did not however, factor my software program giving me a hard time! My problem lies n the fact that nearly every person in my database is related to one another due to the fact that we are all descended from the same few original colonist to the Gulf Coast area. In fact I am married to my own 5th cousin, and his parents were related as well as mine, but that is another blog. So, what happened was when I tried to do a descendant report on the Legacy 7.5 program, it kept looping me telling me there was an error due to the couple being repeated. Well, yeah that's gonna happen a lot!! So, needless to say after hitting the continue button for WELL over a hundred times to ignore all these error's, I realized that I could bypass this by asking the system to ignore duplicates. Forehead slap!! So, what should have been a quick and easy blog mission turned out to be a torturous never ending click of the keyboard.

Now on to the mission at hand, find out what the d'Aboville number was for each of my four grandparents through the paternal line back to the first of that name in the line.

  • From Joseph Joachim Wiese (1835-????)
  •  From Christian Ladner (1690-????)
  • From Charles Saucier (1672-1723)
  • From Daniel Austin Anderson (1755-????)
Now how I did it. I used as I said the Legacy Family Tree  Maker 7.5, and went to descendant reports. From there I chose d'Aboville in the numbering system. Then selected preview and on the easy two (Wiese and Anderson) my nine page report popped up allowing me to quickly view my d'Aboville number.

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