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Surname Saturday-Anderson


     There is among this branch of the Anderson family a bit of a disagreement as to whether the progenitor of the Mississippi Anderson Clan was Joseph Anderson who they claim was married to the daughter of the famous Indian Chief Pushmataha. Of course most of the family, including myself was handed down this story from infancy. I was just always told by my grandmother that we were of Indian descent. She certainly looked like she was, she was dark of skin and had black hair until her death at age 90.

     Yet, just because a person looks like and Indian, or claims the heritage does not make one so. There are may cases in the Dawes Packets of my Anderson family making claims. Some were granted and some not. It would seem that those who actually knew their correct lineage and could back up their claim made it through. Those who really had no clue other than that they would receive monetary compensation did not. 

     Most would argue that Joseph "Jack" Anderson married Running Deer, the daughter of Pushmataha. However, the dates do not correlate this as being possible. We know that the supposed Joseph  Anderson was born around 1797. Pushmataha himself was born in 1765. Making Pushmataha a young 31 year old grandfather. This in itself  says that the legend is just that, a legend.

     One just has to do a quick Google search for Joseph Jack Anderson and Running Deer, to come across the many people claiming this descent, via message boards, family trees, etc. All ignoring the evidence given by several family researchers that this can not be so. 

     A biographical record given by Elisha Alexander "Zan" Anderson, the son of Daniel Austin "Bunk" Anderson, published in the OFFICIAL AND STATISTICAL REGISTER OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, 1917 states that his great grandfather was Daniel Austin Anderson of Perry County, Ms. He says that Daniel Austin Anderson was a Major in the War of 1812.

The legend states, "Joseph came from South Carolina to help fight in the Battle Of New Orleans. He was wounded and left with Pushmataha, near what is now Hattiesburg, Ms. He was seventeen years old at the time. He stayed on with the Indians and married Chief Pushmataha`s daughter Running Deer in an Indian ceremony. They were later married by a traveling Protestant preacher. They had several children who all looked Indian except for John." (Although in actuality it was Daniel who married a Choctaw woman.)

     Somehow, someway, like a genealogical game of telephone folks became mixed up with which ancestor was actually in the War of 1812. They also mixed up names and facts until we have the legend those are perpetuating today.

     In truth we do have Choctaw ancestry. There was a Daniel Austin Anderson who married a Choctaw woman, except her name was Michou Battiest, not Running Deer.

 The Anderson Line
Daniel Austin Anderson and Michou Battiest (aka Jenny or Jincy) beget John E. Anderson

John E. Anderson and Sarah Davis
  1. Elizabeth Anderson b. 1823 Perry County, Ms
  2. Sarah Ann Anderson b. 1824 Perry County, MS
  3. John Anderson b. 1828 Perry County, Ms
  4. James Aaron Anderson b. 1830 Perry County, Ms
  5. William Hawkins Anderson b. 1833 Perry County, Ms
  6. Daniel Austin Anderson b. 23 Jan 1834 Perry County, Ms
  7. Elisha Ryan Anderson b. 07 Mar 1837 Perry County, Ms
  8. Mary Jane Anderson b. 02 Dec 1840 Perry County, Ms

Special Thanks to Frances Farley for contributing information on the Anderson family regarding the Daniel, Joseph, and John, story! Which has made it clear to me that it was Daniel's son John E. Anderson who was the progenitor of my line and not his son Joseph.


  1. Read the official and statistical register of 1917 again as it clearly states that "Zan's" grandfather is John and that his great grandfather is Daniel Austin not Joseph. If there is a Joseph in our line it would have to be before Daniel Austin. The name Daniel Austin reappears in every Anderson generation but the name Joseph does not at all. There probably is not a Joseph anywhere in our family line.
    Bill Anderson
    Purvis Ms

  2. I clearly stated above that Elisha Anderson stated that his great grandfather was Daniel Austin Anderson who fought in 1812. There is no reason for me to read it again. I comprehended what I wrote. I understand that you are commenting on the fact that I then added Joseph despite this. One could argue that simply because there are no other James Aaron Anderson's in my family tree that he did not exist. I do in fact have a relative named Joseph Daniel Anderson. I am still researching and when I am certain that there was no Joseph, I will remove Joseph, until then I work toward finding the truth and the facts.
    I appreciate your comment.

  3. I have read with interest both of your comments. I will attemot to clear up a few things.

    1. Daniel Anderson & wife Jincy were born about 1775. First child was John + Sarah Davis of which many of us in MS descend. I have never confirmed Austin as Daniel Sr's middle name nor "E" as John's. If either of you can confirm, let me know. Arrival records in Indian Territory, Daniel is documented as "David" in one of the records with 14 in family. My long years of research attributes as many as 8+ children.

    2. After years of research by another Anderson core family with their Solomon as son of Joseph + Running Deer and connecting themselves to Daniel (erroneously), I was able to finally convince them to do a DNA test. There was no match to our family ( DNA sample I sponsored of Bill Anderson). Bill & I are cousins via Elisha Rion (not Ryan). Elisha + Nancy Lee had twin sons, John (my line) and William (Bill's line). I am also descendant of Elisha's brother, John Jr + Elizabeth Nelson.

    3. Daniel served War of 1812 in the Florida Campaign (not as a Major) under Capt Blue. (I have record from National Archives.) His son, John (Jack) served from MS (info online regarding unit, etc).

    4. John & Sarah went with the Anderson family to I.T. but very soon after arriving returned to MS.

    5. 1830 Armstrong Roll lists John, Joseph, & Daniel Jr.adjoining Daniel Sr. Other brothers Reuben & William + possible James. These brothers were born after 1800.

    6. Daniel was still living 1860 census. Jincy was never listed on 1850 or 1860 census but.
    is confirmed living in 1855/1856. Never confirmed Jincy as Mischa/Mischou etc, but found her as Genevieve (Jenny) as her father
    was French. I have most of Jincy's siblings & their families. Have talked to many of them in OK.

    1. Hello Frances, my mother and I would love to discuss more of Jincy's heirship with you via email if possible. We are descendants of Jincy and Daniel's daughter, Mary Ann Anderson Cummins. We live in Oklahoma and would love to connect with Jincy's heirs as you have. My email is We are having trouble finding ANYTHING on Mary Anderson Cummins as she died in her 20's. I believe she was the last child born to Jincy and Daniel. Also, I have seen story accounts where it mentions Jincy lived to be over 100 years old, which we do not think is correct. Furthermore, you mention in your post above where Daniel is mentioned as "David" in arrival records- we would love to know where to find those. Thank you in advance!

  4. Frances, I would love to find out more of what you have found out about Jincy and her family. I have seen her as Michou Jenny Battiest and called Jincy, possibly the daughter of Pierre Baptiste.
    Please contact me

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  6. As I stated above I owe a special thanks to Frances Farley who shared information regarding Daniel Austin and his sons. With her help I was able to determine that Joseph did not fit in my direct line. So, I have edited the blog to show the correct lineage, but wish to make clear my original mistake was in having the line as Daniel A. Anderson, Joseph, and then John E. Anderson.