Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Genealogy/XBox War

In my home we seem to have a problem of too many wireless connections to the modem. In a household of five people all connected to some wireless device this can lead to an all out war. There have been many arguments of "ALRIGHT who is downloading something while I am trying to play my game, watch a movie, etc...."

I have for years just trudged along without worry about how slow or fast my pages were loading as long as they loaded. Despite this, lately I have cringed when my name is yelled out from the living room, "Michelle are you online???" I am just doing genealogy is always my reply, to which he yells back "Each page you load is killing me!". Well lately, when my husband decides he wants to play his Call of Duty game online, he simply pulls the plug on the rest of us. Arghh... how can I survive three hours without my precious internet? Sure I can do things offline, like transcribe things that I have been meaning to, but just haven't found the time. (Most likely because I am really too busy pinning on Pintrest, or checking Facebook, but he really doesn't need to know all that!)  But, it always seems that this unplugging of the precious wireless flow tends to come at a time when I am right in the middle of a genealogy lead that I have been working on for awhile, and my page just sits frozen until he plugs me back in.

This leads to resentment on both sides. He sees it as unfair that he can not fully enjoy his game when we are sucking his bandwith and I feel he is taking away my research time. We have actually had screaming matches over the stupid internet! There is no right or wrong solution here. We need to take turns and play nice with each other, but it just does not seem to be working out that way!!

I seriously am thinking about getting a second line just so he can play his stupid game and leave the rest of us in peace!!

Oh, the modern age!

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